newborns with colds

Understanding the Common Cold

- The common cold is a viral infection that can affect babies of all ages. - It's important for parents to recognize the symptoms and know how to provide care.

Recognizing Symptoms of Common Cold

Look out for common cold symptoms in babies: - Runny or stuffy nose - Sneezing and coughing - Mild fever - Irritability and fussiness

Causes of Common Cold in Babies

- The common cold is usually caused by viruses like rhinovirus. - Babies can catch it through contact with infected people or surfaces.

Prevention from common cold

-  Encourage handwashing and sanitize toys. - Limit exposure to sick individuals.  - Ensure your baby gets enough rest and a balanced diet.

 When to Call the Doctor

Contact a pediatrician if:  - Your baby is under 3 months old with a fever. -  Symptoms worsen or persist.  - Breathing difficulties arise.

  Contact Memorial Heights ER