The Ultimate Pool Safety Tips for Summer by Qualified ER Professionals

The Ultimate Pool Safety Tips for Summer by Qualified ER Professionals

Jun 01, 2022

Long, hot and sunny days are here, with summer almost upon us. The oncoming days are perfect for splashing in the pool, lakes, or river.

Swimming is undoubtedly a great activity because it provides fun and plenty of physical and mental benefits. However, the danger of drowning is genuinely behind even for experts.

How Challenging Is the Problem of Drowning?

The problem of drowning is indeed significant because it is the fifth leading cause of accidental injury death in the United States. Ten people die from drowning every day. In addition, for every child passing through drowning, another five receive emergency room care for non-fatal submission injuries. Therefore there is a genuine need to prevent drownings by following safety tips provided by professionals.

What Actions to Take to Prevent Drownings?

Although not all drownings result in fatalities, non-fatal drowning injuries can cause significant brain damage resulting in long-term disabilities like memory problems, learning disabilities, and permanent loss of basic functioning. Therefore you need to prevent accidental drowning injuries.

Safety Tips to Prevent Drownings

Drowning injuries can affect anyone, including strong swimmers. However, learning to swim and reduce drowning risks among all age groups.

Pool Safety Tips

Strict rules surround pool safety that must be followed diligently. For example, it would be a grave sin to leave a swimmer unattended regardless of age or swimming ability. Numerous accidents happen around a swimming pool if you are not familiar with the basics of water safety. Some accidents can even turn into fatalities.

The CDC mentions drowning is the leading cause of death among children. Even non-fatal drowning accidents can leave children with brain damage or other lifelong complications. Therefore you must supervise your children in the water without exceptions. Before planning a swimming trip to the pool, please read these safety tips for summer.

  • Remain Hydrated and in the Shade Whenever Possible: Severe emergencies are easily prevented by remaining hydrated and in the shade. Too much sun is harmful to your skin and can result in sunburn, dehydration, heatstroke, et cetera. Heat strokes and dehydration cause many patients to seek treatment from the nearest ER in Houston during the summertime. Therefore you must have plenty of water and also encourage your family to do so while outside and limit your time in the sun by remaining in the shade.
  • No Running: Running near the pool is a strict no-no and the most critical pool safety tip. When trying to swim, the ground near the pool is always wet and a leading cause of slips and falls. Therefore you must encourage your loved ones to walk carefully around the pool. Unfortunately, if you notice anyone taking a tumble and injuring themselves, take them to the nearest emergency room for urgent treatment because you could be saving a life.
  • Beware of Pool Drains: Pool drains filter out dirt and debris in the water using suction, and young children can get their bathing suits trapped in the drain. Unfortunately, pool drains also exist underwater and can lead to accidental drowning if not careful. Although rare, children are at risk for injuries near pool drains. Therefore it helps if you point out a potentially dangerous spot to your child.
  • Wear Sunscreen: the hot sunlight can make you susceptible to sunburn if you do not apply sunscreen to your skin. When you get to the pool, you are ready to jump in the water before you realize you haven’t used sunscreen on your skin. Wearing sunscreen can shield your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays and prevent damage to your skin. Remember that sunscreen needs reapplication every couple of hours to ensure you have sufficiently protected your skin.
  • Have Lifejackets Handy: if you have a young child who has not taken swimming lessons, have lifejackets handy to help them float in the water. When practicing swimming safety tips, you can ensure inexperienced swimmers don’t struggle in the pool by having flotation devices around.

Following the tips mentioned above, ensure you can have a safer and stress-free summer, spending as much time as you want near or in the swimming pool.

If you, your family member, or anyone around you suffers accidental injuries, Memorial Heights Emergency Center is nearby and willing to help everyone during the summer. Kindly drive over to the facility to receive any emergency treatment as required.

June 1, 2022
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