Testing & Observation

Testing and observations are important in the treatment and monitoring of conditions that require immediate medical attention. At Memorial Heights ER, we provide both services to better assist our patients; we have a comprehensive specialist team available 24/7 to help you recover as quickly and effectively as possible.


A physical exam may not be enough to inform a physician of everything he or she needs to know in order to diagnose and recommend the appropriate treatment for a condition. In these instances, we may perform a series of tests to better understand your ailment and decide the most effective treatment. In addition, we may continue testing to monitor the progress of a treatment over time to make sure it is resolving the issue.


At Memorial Heights ER, we don’t believe we’ve done our job until you have fully recovered from your condition. It is for that reason that on occasion we may perform observations to monitor your treatment and recovery. Observation is only necessary if the physician believes that your condition is at risk of advancing or requires consistent care. An example in which a patient may be admitted into observation may be if he or she has an unidentifiable source of chest pain that has the possibility of developing into a heart attack.

At our facility, our care doesn’t stop once we’ve administered treatment; we make sure you’re on a good path to recovery first with our testing and observation services because your health is our number one priority. Don’t hesitate to visit our Memorial Heights ER facility for your immediate medical care needs!

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