• Q:

    Why are hospital emergency rooms so crowded?

    The nation’s healthcare system and traditional emergency room practices are struggling to keep up with the needs of our growing population. Crowded emergency rooms and lengthening wait times can be explained by several factors: a shortage of specialists on call, lack of inpatient beds due to a decreasing supply and slow patient transfer time, and a lack of access to primary care for people who use emergency room care for non-urgent needs. These conventional hospital inefficiencies consistently lead to longer wait times and unnecessarily prolonged stays.

  • Q:

    What is the Memorial Heights Solution?

    The Memorial Heights Solution is exceptional patient care and everything that entails. By concentrating solely on emergency medical care instead of practicing as a subdivision of a hospital, Memorial Heights does not keep patients waiting. Our system allows for prompt patient treatment while maintaining our primary goal of premier patient care.

  • Q:

    What if I need to be admitted to a hospital after the initial emergency treatment at Memorial Heights Emergency Center?

    In the case where a patient requires an observation or inpatient stay after the initial emergency needs have been met, Memorial Heights has priority inpatient transfer privileges with all of the local hospitals. We will arrange prompt transfer to any hospital preferred by the patient or the patient’s primary care physician and consequent direct admission to an inpatient bed, completely bypassing the hospital’s emergency room. In addition to primary care, Memorial Heights has medical and surgical sub-specialties on call and available to assist with inpatient care.

  • Q:

    Will I see a physician or a physician’s assistant?

    Memorial Heights guarantees that you will only be treated by experienced, residency trained and board certified emergency physicians. All of our physicians and nurses are carefully recruited for their extensive emergency and critical care experience. In addition to the shorter wait time, our physicians enjoy spending significant time with patients discussing healthcare problems and treatment options.

  • Q:

    Do you provide care for children in addition to adults?

    Yes, Memorial Heights treats patients of all ages and all backgrounds.

  • Q:

    Does Memorial Heights provide everything a hospital emergency room can?

    We can provide anything that a traditional hospital based emergency room can - in much less time and with more personal care. Memorial Heights is a center that combines the premier support services of a conventional hospital based emergency room, but with the aesthetics and conveniences of a high-end private practice.

    Memorial Heights has a CLIA certified, in-house laboratory capable of everything from precise routine analysis to very specialized testing. Our state-of-the-art, digital imaging center utilizes all brand new machines, including an CT scan, Ultrasound and X-ray.

  • Q:

    Do I need to make an appointment?

    You do not need to have an appointment for emergency or urgent medical care. Memorial Heights treats patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is open every single holiday. All emergency testing is done immediately and onsite. Only in cases of outpatient imaging requests is an appointment time required.

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