Solutions to Work Stress & Burning Out

April 9, 2018

Even within your own office, the evidence of stress and burnout can be apparent. This is the only logical outcome of spending five to six days at work, sometimes for eight to nine hours a day. The rising prices of rent and general living expenses throughout the United States are the driving force behind many Americans exerting most of their energy at the workplace. While stress and burnout can sometimes be inevitable, this article will help you with possible solutions to these significant problems.

Common Workplace Stress Sources

Workplace stress is most obviously from heavy workloads, chaotic deadlines, lack of opportunities, or lack of support. Unfortunately, sometimes stress comes from beyond work, possibly stress at home. Look at the following list and see if you exude some of the most common symptoms of chronic work-related stress.

Symptoms of Chronic Work-Related Stress

Your health and social life are most heavily affected by stress. Physically, you can be experiencing migraines, depression, insomnia, or high blood pressure. Even social withdrawal, overeating, lack of appetite, or loss of sex drive.

Solutions for Managing Stress at Work

The following tips will help you manage, prevent, or deal with existing stress.

  • Keep a Journal – Jot down some notes about your day and how you feel.
  • Meet with Your Manager – Let him, or her know your needs in the workplace, so they are better able to handle your work in a professional and efficient manner.
  • Lean on Coworkers – Your coworkers are very aware of the stress at work since they’re right there with you. Venting with them and coming up with joint plans on how to tackle the stress could potentially be a great outlet.
  • Establish Boundaries – Leave your work at home and never be afraid to say “no!”
  • Get Organized – Organization can keep your head clear and help you tackle jobs or projects in the right order.
  • Take a Mental Break – A trip to the water cooler, or around the building could be the right amount of time you need to clear your head.

We know the stresses of life are sometimes too extensive to be just “managed.” Here at Memorial Heights ER we’re here to help you from a medical perspective. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

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