Pool Safety Tips

August 9, 2017

Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors, especially the pool! But, did you know over 5,000 children are hospitalized each year due to near drowning events? So what can parents do to ensure their child is as safe as possible in the swimming pool? Follow these simple pool tips from your community Memorial Heights ER in Houston.

Home Pool Safety Tips

Looking to ensure your pool at home is as safe as possible? There are many things you can do to help prevent accidental drowning events in your pool. These include:

  • Always watch children playing in or near your pool.
  • Install a fence, barrier or pool guard to deter/stop children from entering the pool area.
  • Install an alarm on the door leading to your pool area to alert you if anyone is near the pool.
  • Install an in-ground pool alarm that can alert you when someone is near the pool.
  • Check for faulty/damaged drain covers in the pool and/or spa.

Public Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Not everyone has access to a private pool and therefore sometimes venture to the public pools in the area. Although it isn’t your responsibility to keep it safe, being proactive can always help protect your children.

  • Check the public pool’s inspection score.
  • Check for any health code violations.
  • Check if there is a pool safety guard.
  • Check for damaged/faulty drain covers in the public pool and/or spa.
  • Review public pool safety rules/guidelines and obey them.
  • Avoid public pools with a strong chemical/chlorine smell.

Although swimming in the pool can be a quite fun activity, making sure your family is safe should be of the highest importance. Whether you plan to swim at home or in a public pool, follow the above pool safety tips to ensure your family is always safe while taking a dip!

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