Pediatric Care Frequently Asked Questions

Attaining optional health for your children is the primary goal of every parent. But, you can’t achieve that on your own and you need a support system including a pediatrician. Pediatric care is crucial to the growth and development of the baby.

Where do you start? How do you choose the best pediatrician? Here are common questions we get to give you an idea of what is expected.

Who is a Pediatrician?

A pediatrician is a medical professional who specializes in children’s health. They have undergone training in the health of children, teens, and young adults. Furthermore, the specialists are certified by the American Board of Pediatricians having fulfilled the requirements and passing the comprehensive exams.

We Already Have a Family Doctor; Do We Still Need a Pediatrician?

Both family doctors and pediatricians are trained to provide health care to children. However, pediatrician receives specialized training on children’s health and medical issues. Family doctors, on the other hand, provide primary health care to all people regardless of age. Furthermore, the family doctor focuses attention most of their attention on adults as opposed to a pediatrician who concentrates fully on children, teenagers, and young adults.

Yes, you need a pediatrician if you are looking for a specific and proper pediatric care.

When Is the Perfect Time to Visit a Pediatrician?

It is vital to start looking for a pediatrician before the baby is born. This will give a chance to get acquainted with the doctors and healthcare team. It is also important to have a pediatrician monitor your pregnancy and how the baby is developing.

Remember a pediatrician should see the child 48 to 72 hours after they are born and having one will make it easy for you.

How Often Should My Child Visit a Pediatrician?

You shouldn’t only visit a pediatrician only during emergencies or when the baby is ill. It is crucial to schedule appointments for the well-baby clinic. These visits help the pediatrician to monitor the progress of the child and detect any problems on time.

The pediatric visits are recommended every month for the first five years and annually after that to check on their progress both physically and behavioral.

What Services do Pediatrician Offer?

A licensed pediatrician offers regular health checkups and assessment. They also provide vaccination and immunizations. Furthermore, they offer education on the baby’s nutritional and physical needs, development and behavioral milestones.

When is The Right Time to Switch Doctors?

There is no right time to break and switch from a pediatrician to a family doctor. As aforesaid, pediatricians are trained to deal with all health issued from infancy to young adulthood (around 21). After 21 years, you can change the doctor when they are ready.

Unless there is a break in trust or the kind of service, then a pediatrician is the right specialist to work with until the child turns 21. The doctor is well acquainted with the medical history and have a relationship with the child. Trying to change a doctor may create anxiety in your children as they have to form a new relationship with their doctor, so don’t change unless the situation permits it.

What About Emergency Pediatric Care; Where Can I Go?

It is crucial to choose a pediatrician trained and able to offer pediatric emergency care. Emergencies occur suddenly and you need a support system that can be there in good and bad.

We offer 24/7 pediatric care services designed to cater to all emergencies that the child may experience. Plus, you won’t have to wait, as our medical team is skilled, trained, and able to take care of your child as soon as you arrive. We treat all emergencies regardless of severity from illnesses to injuries.

If your child is injured or is suddenly ill, you need a clinic that offers pediatric emergency care so that the child can receive immediate treatment. Don’t visit any emergency room Houston where you will wait, call us immediately an emergency occurs and we will attend to your child with haste.

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