Is an Emergency Room Like an Urgent Care Center?

If you accidentally cut your hand slicing the Thanksgiving turkey, you might rush to the nearest emergency facility. But an ER is not your only medical option. You could seek treatment at an urgent care center as well for immediate treatment. But, do urgent care centers offer the same type of care as the traditional emergency room?

When You Should Visit an ER

You should head to a local emergency room like Memorial Heights ER if you may be suffering a life-threatening condition. But, as a patient and not a medical practitioner, you may not be able to discern the severity of your case.

There is no set list of health conditions deemed suitable for an ER visit. However, if you believe your life or health may be at risk, it is always best to choose a nearby emergency room over an urgent care center.

When to Go to an Urgent Care Center

If you experience an injury or other health condition that demands immediate medical attention, yet is clearly not life-threatening, choose an urgent care center.

Emergency Rooms vs. Urgent Care Centers

While both emergency rooms and urgent care centers offer quality treatment among their share of benefits, the best way to determine which medical facility you need to go to is simply the severity of your condition. Emergency rooms are equipped to handle any medical emergency, so if you are unsure about your condition, the best course of action is to visit the emergency room.

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