How ER Can Help In Swimming Safety for Kids In Summer

How ER Can Help In Swimming Safety for Kids In Summer

Aug 01, 2023

Summertime and swimming go hand in hand. With the rising temperatures, there’s no better place to spend your days with your family than at the beach or poolside. As you prepare for the summer, remember that safety is vital to enjoy the summer.

Swimming pool injuries are a concern, and you should take all the measures possible before enjoying your pool. If you don’t take the necessary precautions, you increase the chances of landing yourself or a loved one in our emergency room in Houston.

Statistics reveal that about 4,000 people in the country die by drowning each year, and children under five have the highest drowning rate. More so, many more children are treated in the ERs nationwide for water-related injuries.

Swimming Pool Injuries That Happen to Kids

Swimmers, especially your little ones, are vulnerable to an array of severe swimming injuries. Pools might seem less risky than open waters, but it’s a hub of several risk factors, such as slippery floors, electrical hazards, and even hazardous chemicals. Even though kids seem more vulnerable to pool injuries, swimmers of all ages are susceptible to swimming accidents. Those accidents are:

Diving Board Accidents

Broken bones, head injuries, and even paralysis can happen when you are using a diving board placed close to the pool’s shallow end. The problem is that, at times, the pool depth is not appropriate for a diving board, or a malfunctioning or poorly maintained diving board can cause harm.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Flooring and walkways around the swimming pool area can be wet. Even if you try to dry off with towels, it is impossible not to track water from a swimming pool. Therefore, your little ones can easily find themselves on the floor, especially if they are running close to the pool. But everyone who is around the pool, even though they are not swimming, should walk with caution.

Electrical Injuries

If there are electrical systems that have been incorrectly installed, then there is a chance that electrical currents might injure or kill someone. Therefore, you have to be careful and inspect the electrical systems to ensure they aren’t malfunctioning.

Pool Slide Accidents

Using a pool slide is a lot of fun. However, these slides can cause minor or severe injuries. You can expect your kid to experience injuries such as friction burns or head injuries, especially when the slide drops into shallow water.

Pool Chemical Accidents

Chemicals such as chlorine can cause harm, especially to teens and kids, if they open the container and inhale the gas. Most chemical injuries occur from breathing in chemical vapors, fumes, and gases.

Entrapment Under Pool Toys and Floats

The inflatable floats and pool toys offer a retreat from the water and allow people to engage with others while in the water. However, poor swimmers and kids can get trapped underneath these toys, which might lead to drowning or near-drowning events.

Near Drowning

This is a scenario where someone survives for 24 hours or even longer after being submerged underwater.

Entrapment Drowning

Pools have filters that suck water and other debris and filter out substances to keep the water clean. The strong suction of the filters can entangle or entrap hair or other objects, such as lane ropes. When hair gets entangled by the filter, head injuries are possible.


This is the most common type of swimming injury caused when someone is submerged underwater and suffocates. Drowning can happen when your kid is exhausted or has inadequate swimming skills.

Treatment Options Offered by ERs for Swimming Pool Injuries

Once you notice your kid has pool injuries, rush them to our ER. The type of injury will determine the treatment options that will be offered. For instance, if your kid has fallen and injured their head, we will have to check for bleeding. Also, you can expect some scans to be performed.

In other words, you can expect treatment options to range from stitching wounds to surgery.

We Are Here for You

Swimming pool injuries range from mild to severe. At times, these injuries can be fatal and even cause death. Therefore, if your kid is hurt, ensure that you bring them to our ER near you to receive immediate care. Contact us at Memorial Heights Emergency Center if you need medical help.

August 1, 2023
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