Can Memorial Heights ER do everything a Hospital Can?

A freestanding emergency room offers all the same benefits as a hospital-based ER. Both emergency care facilities provide top notch health care and use the high-tech medical equipment. A freestanding ER and a hospital ER both treat the same types of medical emergencies around the clock and offer payment arrangements for patients in need.

Freestanding ER vs. Hospital ER

When considering a freestanding ER like Memorial Heights ER vs. a hospital ER, the two types of care facilities are basically the same. Patients receive similar benefits from physicians, the available technology, the facilities, and the overall quality of care. Therefore, you may be wondering what makes us different.

One thing that sets our freestanding emergency room apart from a traditional ER: we are not part of a hospital building. Essentially, that is one of the main things that makes the two types of ERs different.

Freestanding Emergency Rooms

Since we aren’t attached to a hospital, freestanding facilities like ours are usually located in convenient neighborhood areas that make it easier for patients to reach in the event of a medical emergency. They are strategically placed in highly-populated areas that are easy to get to, like in shopping centers. Also, freestanding emergency rooms offer much faster care than hospital ERs. The facilities are smaller without the long wait.

Hospital Emergency Rooms

Hospital emergency rooms are often situated in central locations that may be out of the way for some patients. In addition, in hospital ERs, there tends to be a lot of patients; for that reason, hospitals are equipped to manage life-threating medical conditions that demand immediate aid first, based on a triage system. This leads to longer wait times for other patients that may be in need of immediate care.

In conclusion, freestanding emergency departments provide the time, convenience, and savings most people need. At many centers, patients are not burdened with a wait time, and it is common for freestanding ERs to have affordable flexible payment plans. So, can a facility like Memorial Heights ER do everything a hospital can? The answer is, yes, and we can do it without making you travel long distances, wait for long periods of time, and pay extensively out-of-pocket. Stop by our facility for any of immediate medical needs!

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