Are X-Rays Safe For Kids?

Are X-Rays Safe For Kids?

Apr 26, 2018

Often times children are rushed to the ER with broken bones in emergency situations. A popular concern among many parents is if x-rays are safe for their children. The radiation emission from a standard x-ray is so minimal it will not cause damage to an individual. However, does your child have a specific medical condition or often requires exposure to radiation? Read on to learn from our Memorial Heights ER doctors if x-rays are safe for your children in different situations.

Below are three things for parents to consider before providing their children with x-rays:

  • When possible, talk to your kid’s doctor before agreeing to an x-ray. Your child’s doctor knows the most about your child’s medical background and situation. Speak to them prior to an x-ray for more information on the possible damage x-rays can cause to your child.
  • Ask the radiologist about radiation dosage and procedures. A lower dosage of radiation is typically provided for young children compared to adults. By speaking up to your radiologist, you may be able to get around using unnecessary amounts of high radiation for your child’s needs and benefits.
  • Keep a record of your child’s radiology procedures. You can share with your child’s doctor a detailed record of your child’s radiology procedures. Keeping track of it will ensure a low radiation dose received by your child. This is important if your child has a specific medical condition and often receives radiation. Keep an open relationship with your child’s doctor especially for emergency situations.

For more information on x-rays used for children, feel free to contact Memorial Heights ER to speak to a member of our staff. The safety of your children and family are a priority for us!

April 26, 2018
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