5 Ways to Maintain A Healthy Spine for Kids

5 Ways to Maintain A Healthy Spine for Kids

Jul 12, 2019

Houston emergency rooms are noticing an uptick in complaints about spinal concerns in children. Not necessarily to the point of permanent disability, but definitely to the point of aches and pains that have prompted many parents to look for an emergency room near Houston to determine the root cause of these complaints.

Young Spines are Still Developing

Because spines are still developing in young children, it’s important to identify – and correct – any postural issues that a parent may notice as their child grows up. Why? Because early correction can save years of pain and discomfort down the road. Between heavy backpacks and endless hours spent texting or video gaming, lack of core strength in children can have lifetime affects on their well-being.

Looking for Solutions?

If you’re looking for some ideas, tips, and pointers to help keep your child from having to attend an ER in Houston because of the lack of core strength in their body, we offer the following tips.

  • Awareness is critical. The fact is that few children even give a second thought to the importance of their posture. But as a parent, you can have conversations about the consequences from their inattention to this critical component of their health and well-being.
  • Get up and move. We all know that exercise is good for children, but knowing that regular exercise can contribute to a strong abdominal core in children should never be under-estimated. And while you’re encouraging your child to become more active, it’s never too late to increase your core strength, too!
  • Mattress concerns should go further than just the master bedroom. You know what happens when you don’t sleep in a comfortable bed. You suffer the aches and pains afterwards. The same is true for your child – although they may not know enough to mention the mattress as a possible culprit. Wondering about the quality of their mattress? Spend a night in it and check for yourself!
  • Be aware of their sleeping position. This tip goes along the same lines as the previous one. Just as you know that certain sleeping positions will wreak havoc on your back, the same is true for little ones. Take time throughout the night to look in on your child and make modifications to their sleeping style, if necessary.
  • Physical therapy can help. Studies have shown that children with weak spines can benefit from physical therapy and physiotherapy. If you suspect that your child has a weak spine, the specialists at Memorial Heights ER can help diagnose the cause and suggest a treatment plan.

The takeaway here is to remember that your child’s spine is developing just as their lifestyle skills are. They are looking to you for guidance in every facet of their emotional and physical development.

July 12, 2019
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