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Memorial Heights 24 HR Emergency Health Center, operating on location since November 2009, boasts state-of-the-art equipment and technology available in modern emergency healthcare. The opening of this facility provides much needed efficient and professional medical care to the Heights, West End, River Oaks, Mid-Town, Downtown and the area community - service that Memorial Heights Emergency Center continues to successfully maintain.

More than a clinic or urgent care center, Memorial Heights is a free-standing emergency room – equipped to handle any ER situation. The facility is over 6,000 square feet and includes eight treatment rooms. Several of these rooms are constantly monitored and equipped with crash carts and defibrillators for major medical treatment. Our treatment rooms are outfitted with medical gases, oxygen and suction equipment. Memorial Heights only uses state-of-the art stretchers in order to keep patients as comfortable as possible during medical evaluation and treatment.

Our Facilities

As soon as you step into Memorial Heights 24 HR Emergency Center, you’ll notice the difference. Our vision was to develop a center that combined the support services of a hospital with the aesthetics and conveniences of a high-end private practice. Memorial Heights strives to create the best possible experience for each patient and pays special attention to the comfort and warmth that is too often overlooked in medical facilities.

The facilities contemporary design, coupled with state of the art equipment, offers a pleasant alternative to traditional hospital emergency rooms. The small details in the colors and decor add to the calming atmosphere. Contemporary leather furniture and artwork, flat panel televisions with cable are special perks for the patients enjoyment.


Memorial Height’s extensive in-house pharmacy is fully stocked with more than 300 medications on hand for immediate use. We have a Formula identical to that of any major hospital emergency room ensuring the stock of vital cardiac critical care medication, every major intravenous and oral antibiotic and narcotic analgesic, and all routine therapeutic medications and nebulizer treatments.

We accept all private and commercial insurance. For more information, contact Memorial Heights 24 HR Emergency Center at 281-501-2841

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