3 Tips for Your Next Emergency Room Visit

3 Tips for Your Next Emergency Room Visit

Visiting the emergency room can be a very stressful situation, especially if you haven’t done it very many times in your life. On top of the fact that there is an emergency and you or your loved one needs urgent medical care, there are also other things to keep in mind. For example, you may wonder what information the ER will need from you, and how long the treatment will take. Here are some tips to ease some tensions and help you with your next ER visit.

Don’t Worry — They’ve Seen This Before

No matter how strange or embarrassing your symptoms may seem to you, your physician has more than likely seen this condition many times. Besides the fact that they are familiar with even embarrassing symptoms, you must share those symptoms if you are experiencing them because your doctor can not help you properly if they don’t know all your symptoms.

Share all of Your Current Medications & Allergies

Knowing your allergies and current medications are absolutely crucial to your treatment. Complications are much more common if the doctor is not informed of these necessary pieces of information. Whether the drugs are prescribed, over the counter, or even recreational, your doctor should know. Without this knowledge, the medicine your doctor prescribes to you could have bad effects when mixed with another medication that your doctor didn’t know about.

Understand Your Treatment May Not End with Your ER Visit

It may be the case that your condition warrants a follow up visit with your physician or a hospital. It may also be the case that you will need surgery which could be scheduled at a later date. If during your ER visit, you are advised to follow up, it is necessary that you do so. Just because you feel better doesn’t mean a follow-up visit isn’t necessary.

May 24, 2018
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